Engine-Transmission Repair & Rebuild

We Offer 30 Days Warranty on our Engine Rebuild 

At AMA, we are committed to high-precision revamp and reassembly to ensure optimum performance and a long life for engines.

Common Procedure is as follows 

  • Visual Inspection
  • Computer Analysis
  • Un Installing and Disassembling of Engine / Transmission.
  • Cleaning and rejuvenating the components.
  • Examining the extent of damage and assessing the parts required to be replaced.
  • Checking for the OEM parameters Refurbished at Machine Shop if required.
  • Refurbish all assemblies.
  • Fuel System Test and repair/ replacement as required.
  • Engine Timing Adjustments using the recommended “Timing Tools”.
  • Careful Reassembly in Dust Free Environment.  
  • Compression Test and Re-Installation.
  • Final Road Test after checking all Required Fluids and Electrical Connections.